Square Panda

Give your child a reading head start—with fun, phonics, & brain science

Personalised Gameplay

Square Panda works with your tablet to build reading readiness skills in 10 learning games. The games automatically adapt to individual progress, so your child is always motivated to go to the next level. Kids interact, play, and stay involved!

Research-Based and Multisensory

Research shows that young children learn best in a multisensory environment. Square Panda includes 45 Smart Letters that add the important tactile/kinesthetic element to graphics and sounds. Square Panda offers high-impact multisensory learning that kids love!

Children love to pick up Smart Letters and place them in the tray. Watch video.

Promising Results

The Square Panda phonics learning system has shown promising improvements on standardized tests in schools, especially for weaker readers. Early practice at home gives your child a strong head start and supports any other reading program.

Parent Portal

Follow your child’s progress and make learning even more fun by uploading favorite words and pictures—family, friends, pets, and more! The portal is FREE, cloud-based, and part of the Square Panda Home Edition.

Promising Results

Studies conducted in schools have shown promising improvements in children’s scores on reading tests.

Unparalleled Benefits

Children around the country are building a solid reading foundation at home and in school with Square Panda.

The Vision

Square Panda's vision is to help early learners acquire their most important formative skill—literacy and reading fluency.


To empower all children to reach their full potential by launching their educational journey with the power of literacy and languages.  

Our Story

Square Panda was co-founded by Andy Butler after he and his family struggled to find resources to support their daughter, who has dyslexia. Unable to find learning tools that both engaged and benefitted her, Andy created games to help her identify letters, begin to spell, and learn to read.

In the process, Andy discovered that most children—not only those struggling with dyslexia—need support when learning to read and that early intervention is essential. His journey inspired the development of Square Panda. The company has since evolved into an award-winning phonics system that engages beginning readers in research-based learning games.

Social Commitment

Square Panda is dedicated to helping children worldwide across skill sets and socioeconomic backgrounds learn to read, write, and communicate, with an adaptive platform that creates a joyful learning experience based on innovative teaching practices. We are committed to helping solve the literacy problem for millions of people from every corner of the world.

The Importance of Early Learning

Sensitive periods in early brain development

  • 85% of the neurological connections for language develop before age seven.
  • Early exposure to language impacts learning.
  • Square Panda supports reading readiness in children ages 2-8.

Square Panda Learning Games


Dance your heart out and spell with the chameleon!

A goofy chameleon helps young readers explore phonics in this flagship Square Panda game. As learners control the game and put letters together, they hear any phonemic combination they attempt. They are constantly exposed to all five vowel sounds and common consonant blends, with new words added on an ongoing basis and gameplay based on real-time data. The more words children spell correctly, the more points they accumulate.


Roll the coconut and find those letters!

Letters meet their match in a magic bowling alley in a faraway land. Beginning readers roll the coconut to find letters hiding under Roc-Roks. When they spell words correctly in the playset, fun pictures appear on screen to reinforce vocabulary.

Letter Lab

Find the letters and make your own creature!

In this magical laboratory, learners find letters for funny robots who love words. They discover letters and sounds with a magic wand and zap letters from uppercase to lowercase with a shrink ray. With each activity, they hear letter sounds in a new context, and at the end of the game they spell and create their own creatures.

Watch a child learn with Square Panda!

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