Space Grill

What is the Space Grill?

Amazing, that’s what it is! And the first of its kind. Space Grill is a full-sized, 3 burner grill that folds away when it’s not needed. In addition, the Space Grill is a high quality stainless steel product that’s incredibly easy to clean after every use. 

How does it work?

There are several key components to the Space Grill. Firstly, the patented hinging system allows the BBQ to sit snuggly against the mounting surface. Secondly, the Space Grill fully opens for use or folds away after use in 10 seconds or less. Thirdly, our research and development team here ensure anything that drips goes straight to the drip tray and easy to remove after you‘re done cooking. And finally, it makes delicious, tasty food for 2 or 20 people without hesitation. 

What are the benefits of the Space Grill over traditional BBQs?

The Space Grill suits almost every living arrangement as it can he tucked away when the kids are playing, yet easily set up for entertaining. This makes it a great family-friendly option for any home, especially those with smaller spaces that don‘t have the room for a full-sized grill AND play equipment for kids. 


"Best ever Barbie!"

"This is one of the coolest purchases I have made - it's an incredibly high quality unit for a very reasonable price."

- Charith De Silva

"Slick New BBQ"

"Very happy with our purchase it fits perfectly on the deck of the unit, and we have space now for other things."

- Robyn Gorlick

Plenty of power and control


  SpaceGrill is powered by three high performance stainless steel burners individually ignited by Piezoelectric crystal. The combined output rating of 10.5kW ensures plenty of fire power, with even heat distribution thanks to the separately controlled burners.

Convertible to natural gas and charcoal


 SpaceGrill can be converted to natural gas, so is then able to operate off mains gas, while a stainless steel charcoal tray is available as an accessory, allowing you to grill over embers when time permits.

Durable and long-lasting


SpaceGrill’s body is made from a high grade stainless steel (443). As well as being very resistant to both moisture and salt, it also contracts and expands less than the more standard 304 stainless steel, ensuring SpaceGrill’s durability and resistance to the elements.

Easy To Clean


SpaceGrill’s patented internal drip system is designed to capture any run off in a detachable tray. The tray pivots as the angle of SpaceGrill changes, ensuring run off is collected in every position from horizontal cooking mode right through to its vertical storage position. This feature is a real asset when cleaning. As the tray is detachable, cooking and cleaning run off is easily disposed of, also making it simple to wipe down the tray or take inside for washing.

Made in Australia

Good Design Award - Best in Category

100% Satisfaction Guarenteed

5 Year Warranty

3x Independent Ignition

Vest Award Winner - 2018

The BBQ Reinvented

It's compact design and large cooking area make the Space Grill a great choice for any size home or apartment. You no longer have to worry about unsightly BBQ's as the Space Grill can fold away discreetly freeing up valuable entertaining space.

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