Ring Automotive

Ring is dedicated to helping motorists, technicians and commercial vehicle specialists get more from vehicles. We are constantly innovating to bring high performance, ground-breaking technology to motorists and professionals alike.

Our heritage is in high specification lighting and trade products. We understand that professionals need products that perform to an exceptional standard and that can take the pace in a tough working environment. We design our inspection lighting, battery tools and commercial vehicle components with professionals in mind, and test them extensively to make sure they'll perform under any circumstances.

What we've learnt in our trade products, we have put into our products for motorists. Whether it's a battery charger, dash cam, vehicle bulb or a tyre inflator, we make our products to solve the problems that motorists face - and help them enjoy better, safer driving.

Ring Carnation is our specialist division, that combines power management, vehicle lighting and safety systems to create a unique vehicle conversion package. This includes genisys, the premier power management system for specialist vehicle applications.

At Ring, we don't take quality for granted. Thanks to our on-site Quality Assurance (QA) facilities, we can test all our products on-site. This means we can be assured that our products - from bulbs to battery chargers - all perform as they should, and are suitable for the people using them.

Car Accessories

From tyre inflators to battery care, Ring's range of car accessories helps motorists to get the best out of their cars and enjoy better, safer driving.

Vehicle Lighting

Ring's comprehensive range of vehicle lighting provides exceptional illumination for 12V, 24V and specialist vehicles.

Commercial Vehicles

Auto electricals designed specifically for 24V commercial applications. Ring's range includes vehicle lighting, camera systems and in-vehicle power.

Pro Workshop

Ring's range of inspection lighting and professional battery tools are designed to give exceptional performance in tough workshop conditions.

Ring is one of the brands we cherish here at Motiv. For a better understanding of who we are, feel free to browse the rest of our range of brands.

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