PICOOC is a smart health device company, embracing the vision of Quality for Life.

"Our aim is to help people achieve their health goals through insight into the physiological state (based on data monitoring) as well as personalized expert advice."

"We are passionately dedicated to, and humbled by the mission to make even the most sophisticated, ground-breaking, complex innovations useful every day to everyone from high-end professionals to kids."

S3 Smart Scale Redifnes intelligence and design. A self activating scale that will automatically recognise who you are and automatically update measurements to your profile.

• Syncs with Bluetooth or Wifi

• Over 12 metrics

• Unlimited Users

• Graphical trend analysis

• ITO film for extremely accurate measurements

• Large & Stable (Anti-Tipping technology)


Know everything about you. Know what it means to your body.

The Smart Scale Range

The MINI Smart Scale

The PICOOC Mini uses a square body. The length of the scale is only 260 mm and the thickness is just 20mm. Making it the thinnest and therefore most portable scale of the entire range.

The S1 Pro Smart Scale

Ultrafast configuration and data syncing with the PICOOC app over Bluetooth. Simple and quick. Access results right from your Smartphone!

The S3 LITE Smart Scale

The S3 LITE holds advanced features such as: Intelligent Identification/ Wi-Fi Connection /ErgonomicScale Surface/ITO Film/High Speed Body Fat zmeasurement.

The S3 Smart Scale

Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual-communication module. Both connection methods can be used! The S3 is self activating, measuring and sending data to your account automatically. 

PICOOC is one of the brands we cherish at Motiv. For a better understanding of who we are, feel free to browse the rest of our range.