What is Handiblox?

    Designed for creative little minds ages 8+, interactive robot Handi brings the best of modern technology to the toy box. Pre-programmed learning tools and games help children think creatively, learn about technology, and more! 

What does Handiblox do?

HandiBlox introduces programming and coding in a way that truly engages a child’s sense of creativity and motivates them to learn. 

“Creativity is a characteristic given to all human beings at birth.”

- Abraham Maslow 

Ages 8+

Handi’s story-led missions make learning and creative thinking a blast! 

Built-in Screen

The bot’s spacious 5” touchscreen responds to multi-touch gestures. Working in harmony with our mobile app. 

Advanced Technology

Game, learn, grow. Basic coding and programming becomes a breeze with Handi. 

How does it work?


HandiBlox games are presented through Handi’s missions. 

He’s a hero that needs help! 

Kids can help by playing and caring for Handi which allows them to develop mental skills, be creative, gain a sense of responsibility, and more. 

To progress through the interactive story, dozens of missions must be completed, Handi’s happiness depends on the care and help he receives. 

Competitive Advantages


Kids can help Handi through different games and tasks. In-app instructions appear on screen for necessary projects and freestyle play that sparks imagination and helps practice coding. Code blocks can be combined to create any kind of sequence, simple or complex! 


New movements are programmable via Handi’s PRP system. Simply pose, record, and play. Kid-friendly programming lets Handi really show off his moves! 

Playtime happens with the HandiBlox bot itself! The bot’s spacious 5" touchscreen responds to multi-touch gestures and turns mobile apps into an option rather than a necessity. 


After helping Handi identify his user and recording their name, his built-in camera and facial recognition technology allow him to see their face and recognize them! 


Out of the vast variety of toys on the market today, this unique technology is only featured in a select number of bots. 

Handiblox is one of the brands we cherish here at Motiv. For a better understanding of who we are, feel free to brows the rest of our range of brands.

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