Bosston Grills

A Healthier Way to Cook.

Bosston combines new and innovative BBQ technology with traditional cooking methods.

Reaching New Heights.

Unlike other grilling surfaces, Bosston BBQ's are capable of reaching temperatures of over 300 Degrees Celcius which locks in natural flavours and juices, giving meats and fish more natural, distinct flavourwithout drying over a grate.


Bosston BBQ's have adjustability to make for an overall better cooking & kitchen experience, every time.

Introducing the Bosston Plancha Grills

Small but mighty!

Model BSTNPP-2 (2 Burner)   |   Model BSTNPP-3 (3 Burner model pictured below)

Plancha “the Spanish term for plate” is a traditional cooking method using a solid surface heated at high temperature to sear-grill food to perfection.

Cooking on the Plancha enamal coated solid plate ensures vegetables remain hot, crisp and loaded with nutrients - and since your food doesn't have direct contact with the flame, you'll enjoy a healthier more succulent meal.  

Whats your size?

The Plancha Grills are compact enough to take with you on road trips, or large enough to cook for a family at home. Available in two size variants, 2 burner & 3 burner, we’re confident one will compliment your lifestyle perfectly! 

Plancha Portable Grills

It may be small in stature, but the Bosston Plancha Grill is as mighty as they come! Unlike other grilling surfaces, the Plancha range of grills are capable of reaching temperatures in excess of 300 degrees celsius.

 Cooking at these temperatures locks in natural flavors and juices, yielding meats and fish a more natural, distinct flavor without drying over a grate. 

Introducing the Bosston Six Burner BBQ Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen worthy of the indoors

Model BSTNP-6 

The Bosston Six Burner Kitchen was built with versatility in mind.

Featuring flame thrower ignition on all burners, reversible cast enamel grooved cooking grids, front loading easy access drip tray complete with fat catching basket, large consealable side burner, integrated sink and plenty of shelf space - This truely is an all-in-one, Australian outdoor entertainer kitchen! 

More features than you can poke a skewer at...

Stunning good looks are just the beginnning for the Bosston six burner outdoor kitchen. Our feature packed flagship grill has every feature you could imagine - It’ll have you scrambling for any excuse to cook outside!

6 Burner Outdoor Kitchen

Roast, Bake, Grill or cook a pizza - this kitchen can do it all. Designed in Australia for Australians - the Bosston Six Burner Kitchen is the ultimate addition to your outdoor entertainment area.

The revolutionary 201 grade stainless steel rail burners present a perfectly heated grilling surface void of cold spots. Reaching 300˚c in just 9 minutes the Bosston Outdoor Entertainer Kitchen is usually ready to go before you are!

The Bosston 450 Pellet Smoker


Bosston wood pellet technology gets you wood fire flavour at the convenience of propane or gas. Super versatile and wide temperature range from 82 to 232 degrees to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, BBQ or sear. The auger at the bottom of the hopper pulls the hardwood pellets into the fire pot where they contact the hot rod and ignite the pellet grill. 

The Next Generation of Grills

Digital temperature control automatically adds pellets as needed to regulate the temperature. Convection heat distribution technology ensures food gets cooked evenly to perfection. The Bosston 450 fires up and is ready to cook your food to perfection instantly. 

Bosston is one of the brands we cherish at Motiv. For a better understanding of who we are, feel free to browse the rest of our range.

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